I’m Back

Hi Beauties!

My my its been a very long time!

As I mentioned a few months ago I was planning on moving to Australia for a few years and to be honest it all happened so fast and I decided to put blogging on hold while I moved with my partner to Australia.

I hope you can all understand moving to a different country is a stressful time and I didn’t feel I could put the time in to blogging that I needed so I am here in Australia now and I have been for nearly a week so I thought it was about time I came back to the world of blogging.

I am very excited to be back on my blog and I have quite a few things lined up with what I have brought with me make up wise, make up and toiletries here etc! 🙂

I hope you all are well!

Looking forward to speaking to you all soon

Brooke xoxo



4 thoughts on “I’m Back

  1. Yes!! Look who’s back. Welcome darling. Hope the move went well & you are starting to feel at home. I can only imagine how exciting it is for you right now.
    You’re welcome to stop by & take part in my Huge giveaway on my blog – coz what’s better to be back & have a chance to win something, right? 😉
    Ok and now to some serious business: What’s your favorite australian food so far? 😀

    • Hi thank you! 🙂 I will have a look at your giveaway sounds amazing! 🙂 other than the internet not being great hear its been such an adventure so far! I can’t really say that I have tried something truly authentic to Australia but there is a lot of Malaysian and oriental food where I am which is amazing! 🙂 x

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