My last few months in pictures….

Hello Beauties!

Well it’s been a busy weekend for me and I haven’t been able to photograph for my upcoming posts that I have planned so I thought I would share with you a few pictures to showcase the last few months that I haven’t been blogging…

From Left to Right

1. Some of my make up collection I will be selling in preparation for Moving to Oz scattered all over my bed 🙂

2. A recent trip to the cinema resulted in this Ben and Jerry’s purchase I went for caramel chew chew and baked Alaska my 2 favourite flavours!

3. So i didn’t take this one but it the opera house in Sydney which is what I have been looking at when I have been stressed about the Oz move.

4. I had a gorgeous smoothie at a local restaurant which was a mixed berry flavoured smoothie.

5. I went to the zoo with my friend and her adorable little boy he has the cutest smile!

6. Oreos and milk the ultimate nighttime treat :).

7. I went to see a beach race with dirt bikes which was such a great day.

8. One Tree Hill my obsession! I have started watching the series from the beginning for the third time! I think I have a problem lol.

9. I decided to try having a fringe. I haven’t ever had a fringe before and I cut it myself! What do you think?

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!

Normal beauty posts will resume soon! 🙂

Hope you have all had a great weekend!

Brooke xoxo


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