Benefit Sugarbomb Review!

Benefit Sugarbomb

If you are follow my blog then you may have seen me mention before that I love the Benefit box powders!

My most recent purchase from the Benefit box powder range is this Sugarbomb blush/face powder and I wanted to review this for you today.

Here is what it looks like inside the box:

Benefit Sugarbomb face powder

Like the other Benefit box powders you have a handy mirror and a face brush inside the box.

I purchased this about 3 months ago and I have been trying it on and off since then. This one was a surprise to me because I haven’t been that impressed with the colour pay off on my skin.

Now I love Benefit as you have heard my ramble on about all the time but I cant help but be disappointed by Sugarbomb! 😦

The colours look lovely in the box but when I put it on my cheeks I don’t really see the colour that well, Now I know I can build the colour to show more on my cheeks but I don’t like to pack too much blush/bronzer on my face.

Here are some swatches:

Benefit Sugarbomb Swatch

In the top picture I swatched each colour from the box separately and in the bottom picture I used a fluffy brush to swirl the colours all together.

To me it is more like a highlight, blush and bronzer all in one which to some maybe useful but I like to apply highlight, blush and bronzer to different parts of my cheeks.

As you can see it is a champagne/peach blush, It is really pretty but for my skin tone I don’t think it suits me!

Compared to the other box powders I have from Benefit this is my least favourite!

If you fancy giving this a try then you can purchase this direct from Benefit RRP £23.50.

Have you used sugarbomb? What blush is your favourite?

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!

Stay Beautiful!


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