Manicure Monday


So for this weeks Manicure Monday I have gone for a darker look as it is Fall/Winter I am loving the darker nail polishes lately.

As I have said before I would love to be able to do some nail art looks but I haven’t ever tried to do nail art as such. I am planning to get some nail art polishes with the thinner brush over the next few weeks to give it a go! 🙂 so Manicure Mondays should hopefully a bit more exciting for you! 🙂

This week I am wearing Barry M Nail Paint in the shade Navy. This is one of the only blue nail polishes I wear it is a gorgeous navy colour it has a lovely finish and it is really hard wearing!  It applies really well and I used 2 coats in the picture.

I don’t give the Barry M Nail Paints enough credit really I have quite a few of the colours and I haven’t used them in ages and I have re discovered them again and I am really impressed.

Then on my ring finger I have layered Nicole by OPI Rainbow In The Skylie from the Kardashian Collection on top of the Barry M Navy. I love this glitter polish so much! I got it a few weeks ago and I am using it from the first time this week. It is a multicoloured glitter polish with small and big pieces of glitter in the polish.

Where to buy:

You can purchase the Barry M Nail Paints at a lot of high-street shops like Boots and Superdrug but I got mine directly from Barry M they RRP at £2.99.

Again the Nicole by OPI can be purchased from many places like ASOS, I got mine from as its free shipping! RRP £9.00

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!

Stay Beautiful!

What Nail Polish are you wearing at the moment?


4 thoughts on “Manicure Monday

  1. This Barry M is such a stunning colour! I am a little obsessed with glitter polish and this one is very pretty. 🙂 I look forward to seeing what nail art designs you try!
    Ra ♥

    • I love it 2! Thank you! I have just purchased a few bits an pieces to get me started and I am practicing some Christmassy designs! 🙂 your nail art is amazing! X

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