Let Ruby Woo You!


Ruby Woo by MAC has to be my favourite statement lipstick colour of all time!

Here is my Ruby Woo Story:
Up until about a year ago I had written off red lipstick! I have quite big lips which for some is a great thing no filler needed all natural here! 🙂 but for me wearing a red lipstick was not an option! As much as I tried it just looked awful and I thought I looked like pat butcher!
Until me and my boyfriend had a couples photoshoot (strange to some but I have always wanted to do it!) whilst I was being pampered and dolled up the makeup artist said she thought red lipstick would suit my complexion! My face squirmed with horror thinking I would pay a fortune for pictures of me looking like a Middle-aged housewife with trout lips! (Great!) I went along with it in the hope that it wouldn’t look to bad she was after all a professional! So to my delight when I was shown my face in a mirror I absolutely loved my lips! She told me it was Ruby Woo by MAC and I had to buy it!
Sure enough the next day I bought it and haven’t looked back since!

Especially with the winter months upon us I love wearing Ruby Woo to jazz up the simplest of outfits!

The need to know info:
Ruby Woo is a matte finish red lipstick from MAC and it costs £14.

Now with red lipstick there are so many shades to choose from that are all slightly different. I would say Ruby Woo is a red which has yellow tones. Once applied it looks lighter than a lot of reds I have seen.

What are your favourite lipsticks?


2 thoughts on “Let Ruby Woo You!

  1. Omg! I love Ruby Woo too. I’m trying to post about MAC’s lipsticks when I have more time. p.s. I like your blog, good beauty tips.

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