Zoya Nail Polishes

So as you know last week I bought some new nail polishes!

This week I have been trying the Zoya nail polishes and thought I would give you a quick review on the two I have tried so far!

So far I have used melodie and summer.

The colours are amazing I love them! See the pics below


20120829-105805.jpgA pretty champagne colour with a gold shimmer!


20120829-105816.jpgA lovely peachy nude.

The great things about these nail polishes are they have a great consistency which makes them easy to apply and they dry really quickly! I applied 2 coats in both pictures and the colour is really nice.

I was disappointed about the longevity of these polishes because I have found after 2-3 days I need to redo them because they have chipped so much!

I don’t think I will be buying Zoya nail polishes again I am happy with the colours I have but I find my OPI polishes last a lot longer!

What are you favourite nail polishes?

Hope you have a fabulous week!


5 thoughts on “Zoya Nail Polishes

  1. I definitely love OPI myself, as they do last a lonngg time without a top coat 🙂 did you do a top coat on the Zoya ones? + I love the colours you bought! Just reminds me of calmness hehe.

    – c

    • I was really impressed with the colour selection of the zoya polishes but they didn’t last too long! 😦 I love OPI but it doesn’t seem to last long on me! How do you make it last so long? X

      • I usually paint my nails on Friday night, and usually lasts till Tuesday before it starts to chip~ But then again, on the weekends I don’t tend to do much – and on weekdays, I’m constantly washing my hands etc (working in a kindergarten) xD I don’t use a top coat (too lazy). I just double or even triple coat it :’D

        – c

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