Dot by Marc Jacobs


I was having a catch up with a good friend when she mentioned to me that Marc Jacobs had brought out a new fragrance Dot!

The Perfume addict inside me had to buy it! So that day I went in search of this new scent! I found it in boots and got caught up in the moment and bought Dot without even smelling it! I have to say I am a little disappointed!

Don’t get me wrong Marc Jacobs have some amazing fragrances, I also have Daisy and Oh Lola and I love both of them.

The bottle is amazing and so pretty! I bought the 30ml so the bottle isn’t as extravagant as the bigger bottle but still very cute.

In my opinion Dot smells very similar to daisy. It smells fresh and fruity . I would say its a good summer fragrance but it doesn’t seem to last very long on me! For the price I did expect more. It is really my own fault for not “trying before buying” but my shopaholic side won and impulsively bought the perfume.

I would say daisy is a much better fragrance and is definitely worth the price you pay for it!

I might do a perfume collection blog, What do you think?

What’s your favourite Marc Jacobs perfume?

Hope your having a fabulous week! 🙂


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