Prime Prime Prime!


Up until about a year ago I didn’t really see the need to wear a primer I thought it was a waste of money!

How wrong I was!

I got introduced to MAC prep and prime face protect SPF 50.

This primer works really well for me! I have combination skin but at times it can be quite oily and it absorbs oil throughout the day! It also has a high SPF to protect against sun damage!
I apply this all over my face before applying my make up.

I also use another fabulous primer! Benefit the POREfessional, I apply this on my t zone as I have quite big pores there.
I apply a really small all amount to my t zone and pat it in to the skin before my foundation. I keep this with me all day as well just incase my pores show throughout the day! 🙂

I would never go back to not using a primer now it definitely prepares your skin for makeup and helps it last longer!

As always I am looking to try new primers what ones do you recommend?

Hope you all have a great Wednesday! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Prime Prime Prime!

  1. Try Pari Beauty. I love their primer.
    I don’t like to wear primer regularly (only for special occasions) because I feel it’s too much product on my skin that’s unnecessary for every day use.

    • Thanks for the comment! It is a really good primer they have another one as well which is good I think it’s called prep and prime skin but it doesn’t have the SPF 🙂 x

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