Yes they are Real!

So when looking for a mascara I want something that makes my lashes look longer, fuller and black!

Benefit they’re Real mascara does exactly that admittedly it is £18.50 for a full size bottle. I would say that lasts me about 3 months which is really when you should change your mascara even though I know not everyone can afford to do that every 3 months.

I am on my 2nd bottle of this now and am absolutely in love with it!

When I first purchased this mascara I was in the Benefit store just off of Regent street in London. I was raving about it to a fellow shopper and she purchased it for herself and her teenage daughter! The lady who worked there offered me a job! Haha 🙂

It is by far the best mascara I have ever tried and believe me I have tried ALOT!

The beauty about it is the fabulous mascara wand! Apply it exactly the same as you would a normal mascara from root to tip and the bristles of the wand will coat your lashes really well. The best bit comes next for a more dramatic look and to get the “false lash effect” turn the wand pointing the end towards your eye and coat the lashes again individually.

When I wear this mascara loads of people say to me are you wearing fake lashes!? I love replying no they are my own! 🙂

All in all an amazing mascara and definitely would recommend! In my opinion it is worth the price I have tried other brands who claim to give the same results. They are very good but nothing quite compares to this! Well done Benefit!

Any mascaras that you think are better? Tweet me and let me know! @propersweetie

Hope you have all had a great weekend!



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